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February 1st 2024

Continuing with the positive posting, I had a thought the other day. People are just fantastic. I was on the metro the other day and there was a conductor walking up and down checking everyone's tickets (as they do), but he was just so friendly! Whenever the metro stopped and more people got on, he would greet them by saying "Hello" "How are you?" "Welcome" "Have a good trip". Simple thinks said in such a way that it was impossible not to crack a smile and just have a nice feeling from. Then there was this lady that he helped and made a joke to which she laughed and he responded with, "Ah, you are smiling! That's good! Uses a lot of muscles and is good for the heart." Which was already wholesome and heartwarming, but then he added kindly "You should keep smiling, it suits you" and moved on. The woman was smiling and was clearly appreciative of the remark and everyone around was smiling and it honestly made my day just to see someone so purely kind. It is just a good reminder that nice people are truly what makes the world go around.

November 27th 2023

Wow, I've been super inactive on here... I can't believe it's almost Christmas! Oh how time flies. This year has been very eventful in my life. I've finished college and got my diploma (which didn't arrive for months after it was supposed to). I also got a new job and have actually started a real career rather than just a part time job. I also have finally finished a story I was writing for ages and have submitted it to a few magazines to (hopefully) get published, I'll keep you posted on that one.
Another big change for me is that I have moved out of my mum's place and now have my own flat with my best friend and my girlfriend. Live is really moving forwards. Who knows where I'll be next year at this rate! Well, probably the same place tbf. Promotions don't come that quick!

February 23rd 2023

The world is an incredibly dark place. There have always been wars occurring, or diseases which ravage the population, or economic crises which leave people in the cold. Yet, with all this going on, humans are capable of still creating art which carries a positive or an optimistic view and, in fact, will create it during, or while actively partaking in, these crises.
One example is Sidney Lanier, who wrote his poetry and music while imprisoned and even when he was on his deathbed. Creating some beautiful works like The marshes of Glynn. Another artist who created optimistic or beautiful art while in a less than optimistic situation was none other than Jimi Hendrix who only sought for his guitar while he was enlisted in the army and even wrote Purple Haze, one of his most famous songs, while enlisted. Countless other artists also created beauty while ultimately the circumstances were dire and depressing just because either it helped them, or they could.


It seems to me that the persuit for the beauty of art is something which is inescapable for the human mind. It's almost part of our genetic code and is one factor which gives me hope for this species, even in these hard times with Russia and Ukraine at war, either invasion of the US from aliens or (more likely) the Chinese, a cost of living crisis in then UK and God knows what happening elsewhere in the world.

At least we have our music.

January 25th 2023

It's currently 23:20 and I've only just realized how long it's been since I uploaded here... tbf idk how many people see this, but who cares. It's quite nice to have a journal of some kind to use occasionally.

I've had so much to do this past six months. I got back from London and just chilled out for the rest of the summer. I got a job as a bartender for awhile, but that fell through for various reasons. It was fun nonetheless.
College started back up and then, during the October break, I went to Fuerteventura with my family. It was so hot over there, but I had a great time! We did lots of driving about and explored the island (mostly the north end however). I also played a lot of Pokemon Ruby on my GBA, but surprisingly didn't get very far as I was focusing on actually training my Pokemon for once. Usually when I play Pokemon, I just brute force my way through the game and hope for the best. This time I'm seeing how well I do playing it "properly"...
Another ocurrence in Fuerteventura was when I sent my girlfriend a letter... Which arrived a month after I returned from my holiday...

Oh well, I'll try and update this more when I get the chance, for now I'm going to sleep because I can't seem to spell anymore.

July 9th 2022

Today I got to sleep in and we went straight to Hyde Park for our second and last time. once we got to the venue we went straight to the small stage at the opposite side of the festival to see a band which were going to be first on. The band in question is called Tigercub and they have only really started getting some real traction this year and they definetly deserve it! They were amazing live! For those who havent heard of them, you definetly need to check them out! My dad and I were the first there waiting to see them start. We ere also the only two there for about 20 minutes before they started, then my step-mum and step-bro joined right as Tigercub started. Initially it was a very small crowd of about twelve of us there, but they very quickly garnered a much MUCH bigger crowd and it was awesome! Other than Tigercub very few bands were of note, but I may have just not enjoyed them as much as I would have if it wasn't as warm as it was. It was, like, 30 degrees or something insane like that!

Eventually stereophonics started and they were alright, but I was more excited for Pearl Jam to come on after them. And they definetly stepped up! I'm not sure if they were actually better the second night or if it just felt like they were because it was the last night, but either way, they were fucking awesome! It was an absolute blast and they only played two songs that had been played the night before and the crowd were just going wild. You could really feel the energy! I'm really glad I got to experience this event, shame I'm going home tomorrow~

July 8th 2022

Today I had to wake up fairly early as my family and I were going to Camden! I was not entirely pleased with having to get up early while on holiday, but it was totally worth it! We went around all kinds of different stores and I almost bought a new cassette tape, but I didn't want to waste money on a tape I probably wasn't going to listen to. However I did end up buying a denim jacket and the owner of the store offered to cut the sleeves off for me (for free too!). You can expect I will be wearing my new jacket very often! Though the back of it is a bit boring and I need something to put there. If you have any cool images or symbols you can recommend leave a message in the RSN!

After our excursion to Camden it was time for the entire reason we'd come to London. To go to Hyde Park for gigs! There were a few cool bands about the place when we arrived, but I was just hungry so I got a hotdog and walked about for a bit. I did find a Reddit booth which really surprised me, but oh well XD. We looked at a few bands and had a few drinks before Pixies came on the main stage and started to wail! They played all the songs you'd expect like Debaser, Here comes your man, and Where is my mind. I will admit that they were not as good as I'd expected, but they were still pretty awesome!
Once Pixies finished Pearl Jam were to come on, however they were late on by about 50 minutes. It didn't matter though. Their performance was absolutely amazing! Half way through it seemed like the gig was over but they exploded back onto the stage with Jeremy and totally blew the crowd away! PJ ofc had some deep cuts but they did also play most of Ten. It was honestly just amazing! So glad I get to see them again tomorrow! (Well, at the time of writing this, today).

July 7th 2022

Today I have done a few interesting things. I woke up this morning quite excited as today I was going to make the journey down to London for a festival. So I jumped out of bed and high-tailed it to Costa for my breakfast and to meet up with my family. After one breakfast wrap, a cup of tea, and a four and a half hour train ride, I arrived in the city of london. We had a small trip on the underground to get to Shorditch where we waited in a long queue to get into the Pearl Jam x Pixies pop-up shop. It wasn't the most remarkable little place, but but the selection of merchandise was cool! I ended up buying a Pixies Stone tee and a Pearl Jam sticker (Which you KNOW I will be putting on my laptop). Turns out that later that night Pixies would be playing at that location alongside Eddie Vedder! After this trip to the shop I was relieved to finally get to the hotel and drop off my bags. We didn't stay for long, so I freshened up and left for we had a show to catch!

Two more trains later and we made it to the Victoria Palace theatre where we got to see the critically acclaimed performance Hamilton! Now, My step-brother had played it many times on Disney Plus, but I never paid much attention and, therefore, didn't really get the hype.
I get it now.
I thought the play was really great! We had a great view of the performance from our seats at the edge of the Grand Circle and could see everything really clearly. The sound was great and the choreography was astounding. I always find it amazing that actors can so consistently get in the right places and do the right actions in time without mistake. It is a real skill and I commend it! All in all, a great experience!

May 28th 2022

Outfits used to be so much cooler. And comfier. I was just at a photo shoot for a guy called Mark Leslie where he took photos of me in renaissance style outfits and they were just so cool! Books were also cooler in the fact that they were all either leather bound or hardback. I wish leather bound and hardback books were more common nowadays and cheaper! Though, the hats of the time... Not so cool...

May 19th 2022

I wonder when all the college lecturer's strikes will stop? It's quite annoying that they're doing them at a time where it would be really handy to have them available... Oh well, guess we just have to wait.
This is a totally selfish rant, I just wanted to get it out.

May 4th 2022

Happy Star Wars day! Hope yours is going well and I wonder what you may get up to? I amd going to watch a few of my star wars VHS tapes and eat popcorn to commemorate the occasion!


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