Welcome to my website!

This is a website where I put the random noises my brain sends to me at 3 in the morning. Some people call this thing a blog. I call it a problematic amount of ADHD.
Honestly though, feel free to take a look around at the random nonsense that I put here. It might be entertaining, who knows?

What's New!


Just created a guestbook! Click the link in the sidebar or click here to view the guestbook and add a message if you'd like :)

My Art

If you wish to go and visit my art page, click the image below


If you wanna leave a message, that would be highly appreciated. Just head over to the chat page. This acts as my guestbook until I can get a proper guestbook set up.
Also if you were here before the layout change then you'll need to head over to the blog page to see all the most recent updates as they've also been moved to make things cleaner :)