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July 9th 2022

Today I got to sleep in and we went straight to Hyde Park for our second and last time. once we got to the venue we went straight to the small stage at the opposite side of the festival to see a band which were going to be first on. The band in question is called Tigercub and they have only really started getting some real traction this year and they definetly deserve it! They were amazing live! For those who havent heard of them, you definetly need to check them out! My dad and I were the first there waiting to see them start. We ere also the only two there for about 20 minutes before they started, then my step-mum and step-bro joined right as Tigercub started. Initially it was a very small crowd of about twelve of us there, but they very quickly garnered a much MUCH bigger crowd and it was awesome! Other than Tigercub very few bands were of note, but I may have just not enjoyed them as much as I would have if it wasn't as warm as it was. It was, like, 30 degrees or something insane like that!

Eventually stereophonics started and they were alright, but I was more excited for Pearl Jam to come on after them. And they definetly stepped up! I'm not sure if they were actually better the second night or if it just felt like they were because it was the last night, but either way, they were fucking awesome! It was an absolute blast and they only played two songs that had been played the night before and the crowd were just going wild. You could really feel the energy! I'm really glad I got to experience this event, shame I'm going home tomorrow~

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